2005 Canada Packing Carton Problem

As the request of the customer V, we improve the package as follows: 1. Change to the color carton, with the products photo, such as shackle, chain, loadbinder and wire rope clips and hooks and so on. 2. Stick the labels with the product’s detail to show the name, size, packing number and so on. Such as 19QLH0030, US type Eye Hoist Hook, AS, 2 Ton 40pcs. 3. The most import is it shows the customer’s logo, and it looks perfect and high-class. But the results surprised us, we received the complaint from the customer, they are angry for the new package, since the color boxes were damaged in transit, and the labels are dim and fall off.  Investigates the reason, we found the carton are too thin to bear the weight, and the label ink is easily blurred. To correct the […]