2023.3.24 133th Canton Fair

133th canton fair will be hold in Guangzhou on April.15-April.20,2023. We will show our company and main products there, we will very appreciate if you could come and visit our booth. Our booth number is 15.4J03, I will be here to waiting you. Melinda Yu Tel: 0086-532-85930090 yu@maxwill.com Wechat: yushuleiqd Whatsapp:18669750510Website: www.navigate-ind.com

Breaking Load Test for Ratchet Binder

The most important for load binder is strength, so we make the proof load test 100% for each order, and 5% breaking load test before shipment. Today we finished the breaking load test for Ratchet Binder 5/16”-3/8” WLL5400 lbs from order P.O.002320, the result is perfect. The quality is the base we survive.

Type and Production Method of Wire Rope Clips

1. Type of wire rope clips By differnet production method: ● Forged clips, such as US Type forged clips ● Casting clips, such as US type malleable clips, DIN741 wire rope clips and so on. By different standard: ●  US type standard; ● Germany standard; ● Austrilian standard;and so on By different material: ● Carbon steel material ● Stainless steel 304 material ● Stainless steel 316 material Production method of wire rope clips 2. Production method of wire rope clips a. By casting:  fall molten iron in the sand mould, keep the some times( 8-12hours) then shot blasting and zinc plated, assemble with U bolts. Casting room: b. By forged: forged-hot treatment-hot dip galv.- assembly. 3. At the last, Torque TEST, important for all the wire rope clips: […]

Good luck to your work in 2023

Year 2022 past, very happy to together with family and friends for the festivity, it was sweet and amazing for everybody, everyone filled with expectation and anticipation for 2023.  Bye bye with the past, expect to the future, walk towards the better future together in 2023.  Today we back office from holidays, welcome to contact me when you need, we are always here to service you. 

Happy birthday to Echo

Today is Echo’s birthday, company prepared the cake. The colleagues get together to celebrate the birthday, share the joy. Some colleagues are sick at home, since the covid-19, so we ate double, really delicious. Echo Wang, graduated in 1999 from Ocean University of China, have worked more than 23 years here. Her work ability and professionalism are trusted by clients. As vice general manager, lead a team to continuous business growth. Happy birthday !

What Are the Different Type of Wire Rope

Generally, the wire rope is including Stainless steel wire rope, galvanized wire rope and coated wire rope. For the stainless steel wire rope, have stainless steel 316 and stainless steel 304 material. For the galvanized wire rope, have Elec. Galvanized and Hot dip galvanized surface. For the Coated wire rope, have clear coated and color coated. Another question: How is wire rope size:General the size of wire rope is the diameter, and the diameter is measured across the rope. The wire rope is twisted by many wire or cable, such as 6×19+FC, that mean it has 6 strands and 19pcs wires each strand. FC means fiber core.

What is the Use of Shackle?

Shackles, as the wire rope assemble, are the connection in the whole rigging systems. It could be connected the wire rope with the clips, turnbuckles or bolts together. From the boats to industrial engineering, from the road side to huge building, you can find the shackles.    How many types of shackles are there? General, there are bow shackle and straight shackle according the shape; There are high tested shackle and comment shackle according to the tensile strength, There are different dimension according to the different standard, such as American standard or Japanese standard and so on. Recently, we successfully developed a new products- shackle with alley key, is used for children’s entertainment. It is beautiful, high tensile and corrosion resistance, […]

2022.10.13 132th Canton Fair

132th canton fair (online) is coming on April.15-April.24,2022. We will show our company and main products there, we will very appreciate if you could visit and see our live. Any problem to how to visit, we are glad to help you. Kindly tell me your requirement as follows: Melinda Yu Tel: 0086-532-85930090 yu@navigate-ind.com info@navigate-ind.com Wechat: yushuleiqd Whatsapp: 18669750510

2021 Puerto Rico A Case Is Hard To Get

From Spring 2021, the sea freight rose sharply. More crazily, there was no space even with high freight. In Sept. 2021, the products to San Juan had been finished for about 2 months but still stayed in our warehouse. The order was based on FOB Qingdao, but the customer’s agent couldn’t get the space whether in Qingdao or in Shanghai. The customer and we were incomparably anxious. In this situation, we discussed with all the agents in Qingdao for the shipping space. At last, we succeeded in getting 2X20’GP. And finally, we beared 20% freight to help the customer. The customer said to us: Over the last 15 years, we and Maxwill(Navigate) were business partners and friends. From now on, […]