Good luck to your work in 2023

Year 2022 past, very happy to together with family and friends for the festivity, it was sweet and amazing for everybody […]

Happy birthday to Echo

Today is Echo’s birthday, company prepared the cake. The colleagues get together to celebrate the birthday, share the jo […]

What Are the Different Type of Wire Rope

Generally, the wire rope is including Stainless steel wire rope, galvanized wire rope and coated wire rope. For the stai […]

What is the Use of Shackle?

Shackles, as the wire rope assemble, are the connection in the whole rigging systems. It could be connected the wire rop […]

2022.10.13 132th Canton Fair

132th canton fair (online) is coming on April.15-April.24,2022. We will show our company and main products there, we wil […]

2021 Puerto Rico A Case Is Hard To Get

From Spring 2021, the sea freight rose sharply. More crazily, there was no space even with high freight. In Sept. 2021, […]

2021 Australian Chains Using the Rolling Shutter Door

Chains are one of our main products, we exported them for many years all over the world. All the customers were satisfie […]

2005 Canada Packing Carton Problem

As the request of the customer V, we improve the package as follows: 1. Change to the color carton, with the products ph […]

Wire Rope Sling

Rigging Hardware is mainly divided into three categories. As one of them, wire rope is usually used for lifting, pulling […]