NG Lever Hoist

Product Features:

• Operate without minimum preload
• Safety clutch hand wheel design – safer operation
• Alloy Steel body with durable strength and smaller size
• Caged roller bearings for highest efficiency
• Unique double load chain guide rollers
• High precision machining gears with higher strength, and better toughness
• Impact resistant gear cover, improving the strength and hardness
• Strengthened ribs on lever sides
• High quality alloy steel forging hook
• V100 load chain with high precision, high strength and chain strength up to 1000N/㎡
• High strength chain end connection, with 2.5 times safety factor
• Super robust, much higher than 1500 cycles EN 13157 endurance testing

Standard Setting:

• Zinc Plated V(100) Load Chain
• Fused Brake Disc 
• Zinc Plated Cast End Anchor
• Thicken Stamping Safety Latch

Optional Setting:

• Overload protection device
• High precision integral bearing
• Lower frame with integral bearing
• Electroplated load chain
• Casting end anchor
• Galvanized casting safety latches
• V(100) load chain
• Power metallurgy intered friction disc


0.8T - 1T - 1.6T - 2.5T






ModelCapacity (T)Standard Lift (M)Running test(T)No.of falls of load chainLoad chain diameter(mm)DimensionNet wight (KG)
NG 0.8T0.81.51.2015.6014611941.52802459626.535.5145.7
NG 1.0T1.01.51.5015.6014611949.43002459631.542.5155.9
NG 1.6T1.61.52.4017.1016412652.033526510035.542.5198.0
NG 2.5T2.51.53.7518.8017915058.637526510341472111.2
NG 3.2T3.21.54.80110.0019615961.9395415114435024.513.6
NG 6.3T6.31.59.45210.0019621884.354041511453603426.0
NG 9.0T9.01.513.50310.0019629868041511464854040.0

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